white shark

Video: Great White Close-up During Cage Dive

When you go great white cage diving, you always want to get a close shot of the feature attraction. But sometimes, they get so close that you wonder if maybe the opening of the cage is just a wee bit too big. This looks to be one of those occasions. This cage diver enjoyed a super-sized closeup during a cage dive off the Neptune Islands in South Australia. He was out with Rodney Fox Adventur

Great White shark diving – South Africa

Artist Richard Symonds diving and photographing Great White Sharks on board Mike Rutzen's boat from Gansbaai, South Africa on November 2014. Visit Richard's art at www.richardsymonds.co.uk DAHA FAZLA GÖSTER

Great White Serial Killer: Will Sharks Attack if They Sense Vulnerability

A purpose built cage is made of plexiglass on one side so it looks like easy prey to a Great White Shark. But an 18ft shark shows up and the cage may not withstand the attack.

Day of the Shark 2 – Humans not on the Menu

Shark experts insist that sharks are not interested in eating humans but unfortunately they sometimes use their jaws to investigate.

Free Diving with Great White Sharks Filmed for the First time

Includes almost shark attack at 03:00. Filmed in Gansbaai South Africa near Dyer island. Some french guys meet andre who introduce them to freediving with great whites. First time white sharks filmed without cage.