I Promise You’re Going To Laugh When You Watch This Video About Owls. I’m Dying. So Funny! Read more at

Now that David Letterman has announced he’s retiring, I have a new suggestion for the next Late Show host: this narrator. His True Facts About Animals videos don’t just tell you all of the interesting things there are to know about each animal, but they’re entertaining as all get out. It’s pretty much impossible to watch this without doing two things: learning something, and laughing

Illustrator’s winged assistant is a hoot

Spending hours in front of the computer can get lonely, but not for one Japanese illustrator who keeps an owl quite literally at hand. His northern white-faced owl sits on his hand as he works on his tablet, and the bird has no trouble readjusting when his handy perch suddenly moves quickly across the computer screen.

12 owl species with irresistible faces

Owls have some of the most unforgettable faces in the avian kingdom. With their huge eyes and abundant feathers, owls demand our attention. These 18 species in particular have faces with expressions just begging for a caption. Owls are rather unusual in the bird kingdom. They have huge eyes that are fixed in their sockets, and feathers that help form flatter, more rounded faces than other bir