Hidden, never-before-seen penguin colony spotted from space

Satellite photos showing poop stains in the West Antarctic snow and ice have revealed a previously unknown breeding colony of emperor penguins. Scientists have discovered a previously unknown breeding colony of emperor penguins in satellite photographs of West Antarctica. (Image credit: Christopher Walton/BAS) A never-before-seen emperor penguin colony — one of only 66 known t

I Photograph Great White Sharks In (Hopefully) A Non-Scary Way

I’m George Probst, and I have been photographing great white sharks at Mexico’s Isla de Guadalupe since 2006. As a child, I was initially both fascinated and terrified by sharks from a very early age. I had always wanted to see a great white in the wild, which was something I had always just considered a “bucket list” item. When I headed to Guadalupe in 2006 armed with only a tiny point-an