Steps on How To Cook a Steak with Gordon Ramsay

Do not be scared about cooking steak on the big night. If you follow these simple rules, it will be easy. Let the pan get nice and hot. If there’s no heat in the pan, there is no color, if there is no color, there is no flavor.

The steak is relaxed it’s at room temperature. Therefore it will cook quicker, and it won’t be stone cold in the center. Okay, the pan is nice and hot, oil in and now that’s groundnut oil. We call it neutral oil, not too strong, the pan just starting to smoke.
Little shake and bang, in the center push it down. We’re going to cook it 2.5 to 3 minutes each side, but it’s really important we don’t keep on turning the steak, only turn it once. Once in each side and then more importantly on its back to cook that white creamy fat. Now she is ready for turning, look, turn it over, and look at the color. That is beautiful.

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I want to cook my steak rare so by touching the steak on the same feedback as it is on the inside of my thumb, that’s rare as it starts to cook. They gets a lot firmer, medium is there, semi-firm, with a slight resistance well done – is there. Rare now it’s that one and half minutes, I am coming out. Butter and this gives it a really nice nut brown finish.

Tilt the pan towards you and just bast the stake over. Before it comes out, with your tongs and turn the steak on its back and just finally cook a little bit of fat down the side. There look at that baby.

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Out – on. Pour a little bit of butter over the top leave it to rest. Once it’s rested on to the board and don’t slice it too thin, the thinner you slice it the colder it gets. At an angle, there, over and look – that is a beautiful sirloin steak, cooked pink. My goodness!