Starlings Captured Forming A Murmuration In The Shape Of A Huge Bird By This Irish Photographer

In the movie Finding Nemo, a school of fish snapped into a formation that resembled a much larger fish. Photographer James Crombie caught that sort of thing happening in real life; however, instead of a flock of fish, he managed to catch a flock of starlings over Lough Ennell in County Westmeath, Ireland in a truly magical sight.

James Crombie was recently named photographer of the year by the Press Photographers Association of Ireland. James’s main forte is sports photography, but with extra time over the past year, given the pandemic and various sports events being canceled, he has turned some of his attention to nature photography too.

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On a Tuesday night (03/02) of 2021 Crombie shot hundreds of frames

Image credits: inphojames

He managed to capture the amazing image he had been seeking for quite some time

Image credits: inphojames

A murmuration of starlings in the shape of one big bird

Image credits: inphojames

“Truly magical to witness such an amazing event… my friend Colin Hogg and I followed them for 3 months around Louth, Ennell, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland taking lots of photos just waiting for that special one,” Crombie told Bored Panda

Image credits: inphojames

“And we were so fortunate to witness this natural wonder”

Image credits: inphojames

The end result caught in one final photo

Image credits: inphojames

The photographer’s friend Colin Hogg also caught the moment on video frame by frame

Image credits: hogg82

Here’s what people had to say about the photo

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