Shelter Pittie Leaps Over Kennel Wall To Comfort Her Best Friend

Linda and Brenda are two dogs who will do anything for each other. Late last month, the pitties went from roaming the city streets together as strays to the kennels at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. Rescuers placed the pups in individual kennels next to each other, not realizing that arrangement wasn’t going to work for Linda and Brenda. The best friends needed to be together.

One day, rescue staff were puzzled to find Brenda in Linda’s kennel. When they watched the shelter’s security footage, they were awestruck to see brave Brenda had leapt over the kennel wall to be with her best friend.

“Brenda’s jumping abilities are not common!” Danielle Joerger, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter supervisor, told The Dodo. “We are impressed with her spirit and desire to be with her friend!”

dog jumping kennel wall

From then on, Linda and Brenda never had to be apart. Rescue staff found a bigger kennel where the pups could be together all day long. They knew they couldn’t break such an important bond.

“When we saw the footage of Brenda jumping over her kennel to be with Linda, our staff saw what we recognize with our animals [every day] — their need for connection and to feel loved,” Joerger said. “Seeing that Brenda and Linda provide that comfort to one another is heartwarming to all of us and the work we do to find these animals homes.”

You can watch Brenda’s amazing jump here:

As Brenda and Linda adapted to shelter life, rescuers watched the dogs come out of their shells and enjoyed learning more about their personalities.

two dogs

“Brenda is a wonderful helper dog in our playgroups,” Joerger said. “She loves to make friends and play. Linda is a happy coexister. She feels content and calm when she is near her best friend, Brenda, and when she gets to interact with other dogs as well as MACC staff and volunteers. These girls love to run and play!”

Shelter staff knew there was no way these dogs could ever be separated. They had to be adopted together. After a video of Brenda leaping over her kennel wall went viral on social media, many fans online were soon voicing their agreement, hoping that the pair would find a home soon.

two dogs

Luckily, Brenda and Linda didn’t have to wait too long. A woman soon saw the pitties and realized she didn’t just want one best friend, she wanted two. Brenda and Linda finally had a forever family. Everyone at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control was elated — these girls were getting the happy ending they deserved.

“We are thrilled they get to continue being lifelong friends,” Joerger said.

To help other dogs like Linda and Brenda, make a donation to Minneapolis Animal Care & Control.