She Staples Plastic Cups Together. Now Watch What Happens When She Turns The Light On…

The next time you want to make your house sparkle — buy a few plastic cups!

I like making things for my home. Whether it’s decorations or cleaning supplies, if I can make it on my own, I want to try! While this sparkle ball seems a little time consuming, it’s actually easy to create — you just need to have a little bit of patience and a lot of staples.

Plastic cups, a stapler, some christmas lights (which are all on sale this time of year!), and possibly a drill are all you need to make a cheap, beautiful room light. Some afternoon that you have an hour or so on your hands, try this craft out! Using white lights, it could really enhance a living room. Multicolored lights would be perfect for a kid’s room.

Are you an avid crafter? Even though you need to staple 50 cups together, would you still try this?