She Seems Nervous When She Walks On Stage With Her Big Sister, But When She Sings? WOW.

Sometimes the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages, and we’re blown away by the sheer wonder of something so brilliant.

That’s the feeling you’ll have when you watch these two sisters sing a duet to “Without You,” a song written by British rock group Badfinger made popular by Harry Nilsson and in a more contemporary context by Mariah Carey. These Ukrainian songstresses, sisters Viktoria and Anastasia Petryk, will wow you with their incredible range. They pack as much glamour and technical skill as even Mariah herself!

We’re no strangers to the many vocals talents of children around the globe; take for instance Germany’s The Voice: Kids stars Richard and Jasmin covering John Legend’s “All of Me,” or another Kids performer Alexa Curtis covering “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. Both instances brought the house down and taught us that stunning performances can be carried out by even the smallest humans.

The video by the Petryk sisters is no exception. They give us a must-see performance with emotional delivery and not a single misstep throughout. If you’re a music fan, you’ll be thankful you saw it for yourself!