She Puts 2 Popcorn Kernels In A Pot — This Is A GREAT Trick!

Have we really been popping popcorn the wrong way this whole time? I guess it’s time to skip the microwave and give our stovetop a warm welcoming!

This helpful video comes from YouTube user The Domestic Geek, who gives us a firsthand look at how to make easy stovetop-popped popcorn in your home!

All it takes is one large pot with a fitted lid for the top, half a cup of popcorn kernels, and a good amount of canola, vegetable, or peanut oil. These oils are helpful when it comes to not affecting the taste of your popcorn — along with having a very high smoke point so they are not going to burn! In the video, Sara the Domestic Geek explains that you will know when your oil is ready after you turn the oven on to medium high, put two kernels in the pot, and wait for them to POP and POP! Once you see those two kernels pop, you’re ready to make some popcorn! Don’t forget that lid, though, after you pour in all of your kernels!

The best part about doing this from your stovetop is that you won’t have a single unpopped kernel left behind! What an amazing way to make homemade popcorn! Who would have thought that stovetop-popped popcorn could be so easy to make? I know for sure that I am doing this from now on!

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