She Pours Two Ingredients Into A Mason Jar. This Is The Simplest Pie Recipe I’ve EVER Seen!

I love Mason jars. Not only are they stylish in their simplicity, adding a touch of shabby chic wherever they go, but they’re so versatile in their uses.

No home is complete without them. You can do almost anything with a Mason jar: you can attach them to a blender to make smoothies and you can even use one to make a terrarium. The ideas are endless!

When I saw these two-ingredient Mason jar cherry pies I thought, of course another Mason jar hack I hadn’t thought of. The Casserole Queens have really outdone themselves this time.

My favorite thing about Mason jars is that they’re both freezable and bake-able. This easy pie recipe can be prepared, stored in the freezer, and then popped in the oven whenever you’re ready.

Whip these out during a picnic, at a dinner party, or on a date and they are bound to impress. You can put them in your children’s lunch boxes or take one to work.

Who doesn’t love a snack that’s delicious and portable?! Not to mention the Mason jars make them portion-controlled — I think we all could use a little help in that department.

What You’ll Need:

Mason jar
Pie crust (homemade or store-bought)
It’s that simple.

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