She Pours Milk Into A Ziploc Bag. Why? SO BRILLIANT!

Everyone knows that homemade always tastes better than something you buy at the store. Maybe it’s all the love that goes into making it, but whatever the reason, whenever I can make something from scratch for my family instead of buying the boxed version, I try!

That’s why I’m happy I stumbled across this video. We’ve already figured out how to make a delicious, low fat snack using a plastic bag and some ice, and even how to make a cake in only a few minutes, but sometimes, low fat and baked goods just won’t do the trick. Sometimes – you just need ice cream!

Homemade ice cream used to require an ice cream maker, but as you can see in this video, all you really need are some plastic bags, a few basic ingredients, and winter gloves! If you have these things, you can have yourself homemade ice cream in less than 15 minutes!

Would you try this?