She Pours Jell-O Into A Bowl Of White Chocolate. Minutes Later? I’m Drooling!

Is there anything better than fudge?

There’s something about this dessert that brings me back to my childhood. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of fancy things, but my mom always made time to make this treat for us. It was simple, didn’t call for a lot of ingredients, and was a constant crowd-pleaser.

YouTube member (and a very good friend of LittleThings!) YoYoMax12 has a special fudge recipe for Valentine’s day that takes the traditional dessert and elevates it to amazing proportions! Known for her delicious recipes, this chef has found a way to mix marshmallow, chocolate, and cherry flavoring into a treat you’ll want to give to everyone you love! After you watch this video that she made especially for LittleThings, I think you’ll understand why we’re so obsessed with her!

Learning new desserts is one of the main reasons I’m on YouTube these days. With all the talented people making videos like this one, showing how to make things with easy steps, it’s like getting a complete culinary education for free!