She Poured Orange Juice In Boiling Water… I’m SO Trying This!

These might look like slices of orange, but look closer! It’s actually a sweet orange jello formed inside a real orange peel. How cool is that?!

Orange Jello slices are the perfect summertime treat — and they require only two ingredients. This is the perfect treat for kids and adults alike. All you need is six oranges (preferably navel and Valencia) and one packet of unflavored gelatin.

To make the delicious treats, slice the oranges in half crosswise and juice them until you have almost two cups. To remove the pulp, you can pour the juice through a strainer. Next, pour a fourth cup of the juice over the gelatin in a saucepan until it dissolves.

Then, put the saucepan over medium heat for about five minutes until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Finally, fill the orange halves with the juice and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, slice into wedges and enjoy!

This is the perfect treat to surprise your grandkids with. They’ll love it! Please SHARE this recipe with all your family and friends.