She Packs Her Clothes In A Tiny Bundle, But How She Does It? BRILLIANT!

I’m not a big fan of checking my luggage. I avoid it at all costs, and will sacrifice personal items on a trip if it means cramming my stuff into a smaller bag. Also? The clothes I do end up packing always get wrinkled and crumpled. But hey — at least I’m not about to accidentally pack my dog and head to the airport, like one traveler did recently.

But getting back to my packing problems, they’re precisely why the video below is so awesome.

YouTube channel “Travel Noire” is here to teach us how to pack a whole lot of clothes in one bag — leaving plenty of room for other items — and without wrinkles or creases. It turns out, the way I’ve been packing is all wrong, as the rolling or the folding method aren’t effective ways to avoid wrinkles and the issue of taking up too much space. The woman in the video uses a unique “bundle wrapping” method to perfectly and neatly pack everything from a trench coat, to jeans, to sweaters.

So brilliant, yet so simple. Love it!

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