She Mixes Coffee With Eggs. The Result Is AMAZING! I Had No Idea!

Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and having that first sip of coffee. Mmm… Whether you make it at home or run to a local Starbucks, everyone has a certain way they like their coffee. But this next video will change the way you drink coffee forever!

In case you’re looking for some delicious and fun ideas to spice up your morning brew, our friends at BuzzFeed have created a video to show us how coffee is served around the world. Perhaps my favorite featured coffee blend that I have to try ASAP is the Kaisermelange that originates from Austria. Just like in the U.S., coffee is very important and an essential part of their food culture. The Kaisermelange consists of strong black coffee, an egg yolk, and honey.

To make it, the egg yolk is mixed with honey and, while stirring, strong black coffee is added slowly. This recipe is so simple and easy. And might I say, looks delicious!

Watch the video to take a quick trip around the world and tell us what coffee blend you want to try.

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