She Microwaved These Dots – What Came Out After 30 Seconds Is AMAZING!

Hot chocolate – the real, pure, decadent kind – is one of my favorite treats in the winter. I know you can easily buy the instant stuff from the store, but that just doesn’t taste the way I want it to, and as you know, I’m a little hesitant to buy something prepackaged that might have a lot of odd ingredients in it. If I can make my own, I want to!

But like the girl in this video says, sometimes making your own can take a bit of time, and it would be nice to have “instant,” homemade hot chocolate when the mood strikes. So what’s a cook to do?

Well, there is a way to make your own instant hot chocolate, and it’s much easier than I ever imagined! It involves scooping balls of chocolate into plastic wrap, and then dropping those balls into milk whenever you get a craving. I think this is my new favorite recipe!