She Gave This Old $5 Dresser A Stunning 1960s Makeover

I absolutely love when a DIY project takes someone else’s trash and turns it into a beautiful new treasure.

Larissa from the DIY blog Prodigal Pieces found a double waterfall Art Deco dresser at a friend’s garage sale, old and broken with knobs missing and the veneer peeling off.

Because her friend thought it was just useless junk, she was selling it for only $5 — and Larissa saw the potential for a great DIY project.

Just like the time she turned an old desk into a beautiful French vanity, Larissa proves that with a little bit of love and a lot of vision, an old piece of furniture can become something truly stunning!

Isn’t it great when you are able to make something special out of something that was considered junk?

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Larissa found this Art Deco dresser at a friend’s garage sale, marked for a measly $5. But since her friend thought it was junk, she ended up giving it to Larissa for free.
It’s clear the old dresser had seen better days. The veneer on the front of the dresser was cracked and falling off.
By leaving a wet towel on the veneer overnight, Larissa was able to peel the veneer right off.
The wood just needed a quick sanding and was good to go!
Larissa removed this decorative carved strip from the dresser — with intentions to use it for a future project, of course.
After a quick coat of primer, Larissa had a blank slate.
Using cardboard boxes as stencils, she started tracing out a design. Her vision? A VW bus!
She traced the design over the dresser’s drawers.
She chose her favorite blue to start painting the drawer knobs.
For the VW decal, she bought this shiny metal emblem from eBay.
She painted the rest of the dresser, following the pencil-drawn design.
The windshield wipers and turn signals for the van are both made from drawer knobs.
I love the bright blue color and the chrome accents!
Hard to believe this is that same shabby old dresser from the garage sale, right? What a creative makeover!
Larissa plans to auction off her adorable little dresser — “BEEP,” as she’s affectionately nicknamed it. All proceeds will be going to Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief fund.

Be sure to check out Larissa’s other wonderful DIY projects on her blog, Prodigal Pieces.

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