She Buys Gallons Of Coke Every Spring, But Not To Drink. The Reason Is Genius!

The glow of the springtime sun is a beautiful thing. It melts the muddy snow, brings flowers into bloom, and as it streams through your open windows, it illuminates the thick layer of grime, gunk, and grit covering every surface of your home.

That’s right. It’s that time of year again. Whip out the mop, grab your bucket, and cry some anguished tears, because it’s time for spring cleaning.

But not to worry! We here at LittleThings are full of nifty tips and tricks — like how to save tons of money on laundry detergent — and we’ve done some homework on how to make your spring cleaning a breeze!

These handy tricks won’t just save you time, but money, too! No need for fancy products or high-tech cleaning devices. With items you most likely have around your house, you’ll have your home sparkling in a jiffy.

For a springtime tune that’s sure to inspire you, be sure to play the video at the end. Please SHARE if you enjoyed these helpful tips!
1. Microwave
Fill a measuring glass with 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Microwave it for five minutes. When it’s done, remove the glass (carefully, as it will be very hot), then wipe down the inside of the microwave with a wet cloth. Everything will come right off!
2. Refrigerator Shelves
After thoroughly cleaning the shelves of your fridge, grab a box of Glad Press’n Seal, pull a few sheets, and line the shelves. They’re easy to wipe down, and when there’s a big, icky mess, just peel the liner up, throw it away, and reapply a new sheet. Never worry about fridge messes again!
3. Bathtub Grout
Stop by a beauty supply store and buy a bag of cotton beauty coils (or grab one from Amazon here). Cut the coil to size, soak it in bleach, then lay the coil on the moldy grout. Use Q-Tips to press the coil so it lays as close to the grout as possible. Let it sit overnight, and voila! In the morning you’ll have sparkling white grout!
4. Burner Grates
To remove stuck-on grease and grime, slip your burner grate into a plastic sandwich bag, then pour in 2 to 3 tablespoons of ammonia. Let it sit for 12 hours. Rinse the grate thoroughly, then admire your sparkly stovetop!
5. Toilet Bowl
For a cheap, chemical-free remedy for icky stains, pour some Coke into your toilet bowl. Pour it along the rim so it washes over any stains. Let it sit for one hour. Scrub it lightly with a toilet brush if desired, then flush.
6. Sliding Glass Door Tracks
Don’t neglect the tracks of your sliding glass doors! With some Q-Tips, paper towels, and white vinegar, your floors will look brand spankin’ new. You can apply the same trick to your window tracks, too.
7. Drawers
Organization is also an important part of spring cleaning. With an egg carton and some muffin cups, you can transform even your messiest junk drawers. You’ll never have to dig through your drawers again!
8. Shower Handle
With just a lemon, hard water stains are a thing of the past. The citric acid will cut right through the stubborn stains with little to no effort.
9. Car Vents
Don’t forget to clean your car, too. With a cheap sponge brush and some white vinegar, you can reach all the little nooks and crannies.
10. Window Blinds
To clean dusty window blinds, just slip an old sock over your hand and wipe them down. For kitchen windows that are coated in grease and grime, use some (wait for it) white vinegar! Pour one part vinegar and one part water into a bowl, dip your sock in, and give those blinds a good cleaning. Be sure to clean both sides.
11. Carpets
For stubborn stains, grab some window cleaner, an iron, and an old cloth. Plug in your iron, squirt the stain, lay the cloth on top, then iron the cloth. Repeat this a few times, and before you know it, your carpet will look good as new.
12. Air Vents
With just a butter knife, a rag, and your cleaning product of choice, you can get your vent as clean as the day you moved in! Spray your cloth with the cleaning product, drape it over the knife, slip the knife into the slats, and slide it back and forth. This trick is perfect for tough-to-remove vents.

For a fun song about spring cleaning, watch the video below, and please SHARE if you enjoyed these tips and tricks!



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