Rory McCann on The Hound and Brienne fighting dirty, and teaching Arya all too well

It was a long season of travel and teaching for Arya and The Hound, and in last week’s finale they parted ways at the bottom of a hill. After coming across Brienne of Tarth with a suspiciously Valyrian sword, The Hound was moved to protect the young girl he had once considered a prisoner. They fought, The Hound fell, and Arya bid him a silent farewell.
In a new interview with Making Game of Thrones, Rory McCann details some of the more memorable aspects of the fight, and how the relationship between Arya and The Hound evolved in Season 4.
As the fight between The Hound and Brienne progressed, both sides started playing dirty. Rory says that getting an ear bitten off was just payback for kicking Brienne in the “foo foo.”
“Why does everybody want to bite the Hound? I’m absolutely sick of it. The bite was payback though – I did kick Brienne between the legs. I feel like there were a lot of fans who were maybe “Team Hound” that switched to “Team Brienne” when I did that. That was literally below the belt.
The stunt team was desperate to get rid of the swords as soon as possible just to get really down and dirty. They came up to me and asked, “Are you alright, mate, about kicking her in the ‘foo foo’?” I know what a “foo foo” is now.