Pygmy Hedgehog Packs His Tiny Bags and Goes Camping in Adorable Photo Shoot

You may or may not know Azuki: the Insta-famous, Japanese pygmy hedgehog. If you don’t, allow us to introduce you. Azuki is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He likes apples, massages, and hot baths, and up until recently, led a cozy life indoors with his human. All of the naps on soft blankets, the daily photoshoots, or time spent with his sister Uni (@uni_desu) just weren’t the same any more. Even his collection of miniature hats, or his custom-built hedgehog nest-house couldn’t satisfy. Something was missing; he longed for more. So, deciding it was time for an adventure, he packed his tiny bags and went camping—and he’s never been happier.

Equipped with his own tiny tent, table and chair set, a barbecue, and even a kayak, Azuki had everything he needed to face the great outdoors. Lucky for us, his human brought a camera and kept an Instagram photo-diary to document his adventures. In one shot, depicting a scenic woodland picnic, Azuki writes, “lunch in nature feels better than usual.” In another, reclining in his camp chair and marveling at the sky, he claims, “the stars [were] very beautiful [at] night.”

With his wanderlust appeased, Azuki has now returned home in time for Halloween where he’s been busy preparing for the festivities. You can keep up to date with Azuki’s adorable adventures on Instagram.

Meet Azuki the pygmy hedgehog from Japan.

This adorable little critter packed his tiny bags and went camping.


He collected firewood in his tiny wagon.

He made himself a delicious picnic with his tiny barbecue.


And he even went kayaking.