Penny Can Stove Tutorial

Penny stove? I was confused too but Sensible Prepper made a wonderful video tutorial that helped straighten me out. This little ‘contraption’ is perfect for campers and hikers alike. It can be a mini heater or a tiny cook stove. It runs for about 12 minutes and can be used more than once.

This is just another brilliant way to repurpose soda cans. The materials are easy to come by and everyone should have one of two of these on hand. I think it would be a good idea to keep one in your emergency survival kit. I will need to invest in some sharper scissors for this DIY. Some gloves too; fiberglass is itchy!

Pack a little denatured alcohol and a penny stove and head out into the wild blue to explore.
Why’s it called a penny stove? You’ll have to watch the video to find out! And read this article from Willow Haven Outdoor for more camping survival tips…

Here’s the video…Enjoy!