Pack For A Week In One Carry-On Luggage

Traveling has become increasingly tiresome, but as families move farther away from each other and lifestyles become increasingly global, it’s hard to avoid it. Increased security checks and rising luggage fees soured many to what used to be considered a special event. Still, some of those regulations have started to ease up, and prices for flights are predicted to drop in 2015. Things are looking brighter for air travel. With the packing tips in this video, you’ll be all set to go.
Even without the additional fees, many frequent travelers avoid packing separate luggage just to avoid the lines at the check-in counter and having to wait around for baggage claim. The method shown in the video below will help you fit a week’s worth of clothes into your carry-on. Even if you do plan to check additional luggage, it is always a smart move to pack a few days’ worth of clothes in your carry-on. Should your baggage get lost, you will still have a few outfits to wear while it is being tracked down.

For 2015, Expedia offers a few other handy tips for airline travel. For the best deals, book your tickets seven weeks in advance, and on a Tuesday. On average, trips that depart on Thursdays and return on Mondays are the cheapest. If you can’t bear to miss casual Friday at the office, Saturday – Tuesday trips are next in line for savings.

I wish I had known about this packing tip before the last couple of trips I took. It definitely would have saved me some trouble. Don’t feel like you can only use this for air travel. This is great for road trips, camping and any other time you need to pack up clothes into a small space.

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