Japan Gift Wrapping Hack Is The Perfect Way To Wrap Your Christmas Presents This Year

As far back as I could remember, receiving gifts is my favorite pastime. Upon receiving the unknown treasure, the only things that stand between me and those packages full of fun and excitement were a bunch of bows, string and fancy wrapping paper. But many people detest wrapping presents because it can be very time-consuming.

The tradition of giving gifts didn’t start with the modern holidays we celebrate each winter. Many ancient cultures celebrated various holidays that involved the giving of gifts. In fact, gift-giving is probably as old as love itself!
But if you have been wasting rolls of wrapping paper trying to get the gift to look pretty, you are probably doing it all wrong. As we enter the Christmas shopping season, here is a tutorial on how it’s done.

To complete this Japanese gift-wrapping hack, the guy start by ensuring the wrapping paper is large enough to fit the gift. He then lays the box diagonally and makes creases along the corners of the box. He wraps the box by turning it over on its side and securing the paper.

He finishes off the job by creasing the paper to the top and folding over. The result is a nicely wrapped box. It actually looks like a design and is super easy