It’s Only 850 Sq Ft, But When You Step Inside, It’s Like Something From A Fantasy…

You can find tiny houses perched on coastal cliffs, nuzzled between tall urban buildings, and if it has wheels, even zipping down a highway.

Yet, the most charming of tiny houses are those that are buried deep in the woods.

Woodsy dwarf-like dwellings not only encompass a Thoreau-esque vibe that appeals to many tiny house fans but they also seem like they’re straight out of the pages of a fairy tale picture book. Just look at this A-line cabin, it’s design is so magical it almost looks as though it’s sprouting from the earth like Jack’s beanstalk.

This micro caste nuzzled in Asheville, North Carolina’s stunning stretch of the Blue Ridge Mountains boasts the best of both worlds and is available to visit through Carolina Mornings. It looks like a castle and a cabin.

Yet, the very best part is that it is actually inspired by a fantasy tale — and just like the story that was its muse, its design is truly magical…

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The three-story castle, called Hobbit House, is only 850 square feet. It is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, 4,000 feet above sea level.
Although the house is modeled after a castle, there is nothing stuffy about its cabin-like detailing like these rustic wood stairs.
Hobbit House was inspired by The Lord Of The Rings and encompasses the spirit of the Shire with its stone turret, arched wooden door, and top-of-the-tower loft.
Being that it’s inspired by a heroic saga, it appropriately boasts epic views of nearby Wolf Ridge Ski Resort.
The main entrance opens to stairs that lead to the lower-level living area.
The interior features whimsical decor and custom wood detailing.
This mountain hideaway is all about escape. For instance, in the main living area, you can cozy up by the fireplace and binge on your favorite science fiction trilogy on the flat screen TV.
It also has a fully equipped kitchen, which is the perfect place whip up memorable and magical home-cooked feasts.
Stairs that lead up to the second and third levels display words that define the experience of staying in this gorgeous cabin disguised as a castle.
An underground dwelling may have inspired the Hobbit House, but this aboveground abode gets plenty of sunshine.
The master bedroom is worthy of a great hero like Frodo Baggins.
A guestroom features a wood-carved bunk bed, dartboard, and foosball table for engaging in a little friendly competition.
There is also a full bath with shower to wash you clean after a fun, outdoor adventure.
You can also enjoy grilling outside where the air is crisp.
Or you can soak up the abundant wildlife in Hobbit House’s hot tub.
Hobbit House’s downhome charm makes it the perfect castle for anyone who fancies themselves the king of the woods.
This cute mini-castle can be rented for approximately $251 a night from Carolina Mornings or HomeAway.

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