It Looks Like An Ordinary Shell, But When He Pokes It, My Jaw Dropped

Well, you certainly don’t see this every day…

Check out the unique fort-building skills of the veined octopus. Known for unusual behavior like bipedal walking (and its shameless shell theft), this is definitely not your average cephalopod!

This cute, shy octopus gathers up shells from the ocean floor so that he can build a safe hiding place from predators — and, you know…curious cameramen. His kleptomaniac tendencies have landed him the nickname, “Kleptopus.” What a little thief!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen brilliance exhibited by an octopus. Remember the fascinating experiment in which an octopus was trapped inside a jar, only to make his sneaky escape? Octopus dens are usually under a rock or in a crevice, and the animal has even been observed taking up residence inside of an old, discarded bottle on the sea floor. Or stolen shells.

What an awesome creature! The world underwater never ceases to amaze me. If you agree, please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!



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