Instead Of Destroying Their Old Shed, They Made It Something Incredible. I Am Jealous!

I’m a big fan of backyard parties. My idea of great summer afternoon is gathering with friends and family near a pool as we grill up some burgers, drink margaritas or cold beers, and just enjoy the warm weather. When I heard about the new trend of “pub sheds,” I knew it would be something I’d love.

Sure, drinking in a shed sounds like it could be sad, scary, or strange, but not when you see how people are doing it. Homeowners all over the world are taking their old, decrepit sheds and transforming them into awesome bar areas that are perfect for hosting backyard get togethers.

The trend started across the pond thanks to websites like, which hosts “Shed of the Year” contests. We’re now starting to see this popular craze spreading here in the States as well.

Sheds have never added much eye candy to the yard, but these pub sheds really up the value of your property, and it’s convenient to be able to retreat right to your own backyard for a night out.

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People who convert their sheds into pubs have figured out how to make them functional year-round. A simple space heater allows them to enjoy their creations even in winter.
If you don’t need the storage, you may as well put the space to good use. If you ask me, I’d much rather keep a flat screen television in my shed than a bunch of old tools.
Keeping a pub in your backyard also cuts down on the dangers of drinking and driving.
You can keep it simple, or go all out in luxury. The builder of this shed even went so far as to insert heated floors into his pub shed.
Followers of this movement call themselves “Sheddies” and like to give their pubs names. This one’s called “The Jack and Anchor.”
Many of the pubs have themes and are an extension of the owner’s personality. The Jack and Anchor, for example, has a nautical theme.
Whatever your interests are, you can tailor your own pub to fit them. For some ideas on how to customize them, read page two…
You can turn your shed into a man cave, a poker palace, or a club house.
Obviously, tiki huts are a popular style choice as well. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, to enjoy piña coladas right there in your own private tiki hut.
Of course, if sitting in a shed sounds claustrophobic to you, some builders make sure to install windows, ventilation, and/or air conditioning. I’d venture a guess that some people spend as much on their sheds as they do on their homes themselves.
Though the construction and design fees might be costly, it’s sure to save you money in the long term.
You save on taxis, exorbitant drink prices, and gratuities.
Even people who don’t actually own sheds are choosing to build them just to take advantage of this trend. And people aren’t just using them for pubs. Continue to page three to see other shed transformations…
If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can turn the shed into a great barbecue shack.
You could also use it as a private party space.
If you’ve got kids in the family, you can even turn the shed into a great backyard ice cream parlor or candy shop!
It’s a great way of expanding your house without having to do too much construction. If a bar isn’t your thing, turn it into a playroom or office.
I predict that we’re going to be seeing these in many more yards over the next few years.
Let us know in the comments how you’d design your pub shed.