I Was SO Scared When This Horse Fell Down…Then I Saw The Dog. WOW.

This is one of the most beautiful friendships I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away!

Lucy (a two-year-old Portuguese Water Dog mix) and Whiskey Brown (a four-year-old Quarter Horse stallion) might not be the most likely of friends, but that doesn’t matter much to them. You see, they spend their days on their East Texas farm running and rolling around and playing together, and they couldn’t be any happier.

One of their favorite games is Keep-away, but Whiskey Brown’s obviously got a little bit of a height/speed advantage. Watching these two silly pals run around together will NEVER get old, and quite frankly I’ve never seen a dog and horse play like this together! There’s nothing like seeing two different species become inseparable playmates! Beautiful!

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