I Found My Niche Doing Sunset Silhouettes, Here Are 23 Of The Best Pics (New Pics)

Photography is something which was in my mind since quite a young age and I used to tell myself whatever field I chose in the future, photography would be a hobby. Year by year, the craze for photography increased and I started to learn more about it, but later on, the pandemic happened. All I had was a few places in my town to shoot, so I started sharing the same sunset from the same place with different ideas and got into the habit of doing sunset photography.

The journey in sunset silhouettes actually started when I got an opportunity to use a DSLR for the first time. I was very fascinated using it and had a thought that if I got a camera, it would be a game changer for me, but also knew we couldn’t afford college fees and a DSLR at the same time, so I used to borrow my friend’s camera to learn and also bought a camera on rent. I kept clicking at sunset, but eagerly needed my own camera to get better at this, so I decided to buy a camera on EMI and I was like “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…” and kept moving ahead from there and trying to improve more and more. People on Instagram also helped me by sharing my images and later on, I got featured in an Italian magazine, the show Sukkiri in Japan, a German show, on the ESPN website, and four times in UK newspapers.

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#1 Taking Off The Sun And Letting The Moon Out

Taking Off The Sun And Letting The Moon Out

During the full moon day of February before the sun sets captured first two images which shows she is putting the sun in scooter and than moon rose just after sunset and sky was neither too bright nor to dark so it was the best condition to capture silhouette with moon. It was my dream to bring sun and moon together in one art and was very happy to execute this thought.

#2 Moon Riser

Moon Riser

A day before first full moon of 2021. The condition were suitable to capture moon silhouette and we found this long stick there and captured this simple series.

#3 Caught A Star

Caught A Star

It was low tide and we just went toward this boat and found out it was in perfect position to get click with sunset and this idea popped up in my mind on the spot and we looked for a stick inside the boat and found out this stick with a net.

#4 50 Shades Of Sunset

50 Shades Of Sunset

Collection of 50 sunsets captured in duration of 10 months.

#5 Hold On To What Makes You Happy

Hold On To What Makes You Happy

Tried moon silhouette for the first time in December but made many mistakes and had to wait for almost a month for moon to be in a similar position and reshoot.

#6 Chilling A̶t̶ With Sunset

Chilling A̶t̶ With Sunset

#7 Light Up

Light Up

Shot this for the occasion of woman days and captioned it Empowered women Enlight society.

#8 “He Was Stealing The Sun So I Stole It Back”

"He Was Stealing The Sun So I Stole It Back"

Used cardboard cutout for magnet

#9 He Said “I’ll Eat Only One Bite”… But Ended Up Eating Everything

He Said "I'll Eat Only One Bite"... But Ended Up Eating Everything

#10 Hold It

Hold It

#11 Unloading The Sun

Unloading The Sun

#12 Kid At Sunset

Kid At Sunset

#13 He Took A Beach And Sunset From His Hat

He Took A Beach And Sunset From His Hat

#14 Charged Up By Sunset

Charged Up By Sunset

Went to beach with two of my friends and cardboard cutouts of a charger and stuck a electric wire to it. The nature painted a beautiful sunset and we got this images.

#15 Pumping The Sun

Pumping The Sun

#16 Rescued The Sun Stuck In The Clouds

Rescued The Sun Stuck In The Clouds

Image at the bottom of this series was captured first and when the clouds came closer to him changed the angle and shot the middle frame and similarly shot the first.

#17 Bringing Back The Sun After A Monsoon Break

Bringing Back The Sun After A Monsoon Break

#18 Sungrapher


#19 Unboxing The Sun

Unboxing The Sun

#20 Packing The Sunset To Last For Monsoon

Packing The Sunset To Last For Monsoon

#21 Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Saw a woman helping one vegetable seller to put her basket on her head and I thought to recreate that with sunset..

#22 Taking Sun On Ride

Taking Sun On Ride

#23 Sunset Story

Sunset Story