How To Turn An Old TV Cabinet Into A Stunning Play Kitchen

Tara’s young son loves helping out in the kitchen, playing chef, and helping her bake cookies. That is when Tara came up with a brilliant way to repurpose the family’s old TV cabinet. Instead of tossing the vintage piece of furniture away, she decided to convert it into a play kitchen. Each compartment is the space perfect to create a faux kitchen appliance.

Tara turns the side shelf into a mock fridge, the middle shelf into a play stove, and two bottom compartments into an oven and a dishwasher. With a few simple modifications and coats of paint, the project is even cooler than something you would buy at the store. Using nothing but a sticky kitchen tile and four old CDs, Tara creates four pretty convincing stove burners. With nothing but a cardboard box, she makes her little one a microwave. The project shows that little bits and bobs around the house can really be transformed into anything!

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive toys. Children have wild enough imaginations and can get a lot of playtime out of a simple classic creation like this one. If Tara’s son has as big of an imagination as she did when creating this, he is definitely going to have a blast with his very own play kitchen!

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  1. Andrew D. Harris says:

    How do they know the paintings are about the area they were painted in and not something they transposed from other artwork and even writing? They assume that.