How To Carve A Turkey The Right Way

When you go to carve your Thanksgiving turkey, do you have a good plan of attack? If not, “you’re doing it all wrong,” say Chef Mark Dommen. Fortunately though, he is here to teach us tricks for carving a turkey the right way.

Let’s first start out with what many of us do wrong. For starters, using a dull knife will leave your turkey shredded. Be sure that you have a sharpened knife before making your cuts. Next, if you carve your turkey in the dining room, “you’re doing it all wrong!” Instead, slice it in the kitchen before you head into your guests – so you have more elbow room and it’s less pressuring. Next, cook the stuffing on the side and not in the bird. They both will cook better by doing them separately.

Here is how you carve it the right way… First, remove the legs from your turkey. Then, remove the breasts in one piece by cutting along the keel bone. Now, slice it across the grain to create your portions. Finally, place the pieces back together in a beautiful presentation style, and viola! You are sure to have a yummy Thanksgiving turkey that literally looks good enough to eat.