Hide Your Grandma: 31-Year-Old Man Talks Relationship with 91-Year-Old Girlfriend (VIDEO)

According to 31-year-old Kyle Jones, everyone is wired differently. And while some of his peers prefer blondes or brunettes, the Augusta, Georgia, native’s penchant is for, ahem, mature women.

In fact, Jones has had plenty of pension-eligible paramours, but his current senior squeeze is 91-year-old great-grandmother Marjorie McCool. In the above video, McCool explains the perks of their May-December (or should we say March-December?) romance.

“It’s very flattering to have a younger guy chase you,” she notes, adding, “Sometimes I feel like he’s another son … until we hop into bed.”

McCool doesn’t go into detail about the pair’s sexual proclivities, but makes it clear she has no complaints. “The physical side of our relationship is wonderful,” she reveals. “I amaze myself. He amazes me. And I like it.”

For his part, Jones says he appreciates the facial lines that make many women self-conscious. “Women worry about their boobs sagging,” he adds. “I think the natural hang looks great. I’m really not a fan of plastic surgery. I don’t like to say ‘gray’; I’m a fan of platinum hair.”

But Jones and his nonagenarian sweetheart have no plans to become exclusive. He’s also wooing 68-year-old Anna Ronald, among other grandmothers (and great-grandmothers).

Though Jones has taken some ribbing from pals, at least his mom approves of his geriatric trysts.

“The older women are more mature,” she observes. “They’re [people] he can actually sit down and talk to. And he’s not hurting anybody, so I don’t really think that it’s really anybody’s business.”



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