Her Dad Bet Her She Would Mess Up Her Big Performance — But When She Opened Her Mouth? WOW…

She may not be a household name (yet!), but 11-year-old Lexi Walker has gained international attention for captivating audiences worldwide with her stunning voice. When you hear her sing, you’ll be left wondering, “Is this big voice really coming from this little body?!”

In the video below, Walker absolutely smashed the national anthem when she performed it at a Real Salt Lake soccer game. This seventh-grade sensation moved the players and crowd with her electrifying vocals, as they clapped along to her powerful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Her parents always knew she could sing, but during this performance, they caught a glimpse of what she’s truly capable of. She and her dad even had a bit of a bet going on before the game.

“Right before I went out to sing this, my dad bet me I couldn’t hit the high note….I won!!” Walker wrote in the video’s caption.

She was born with such a beautiful voice — a God-given gift for singing. After watching this chilling performance, you’ll agree that this is only the beginning for this talented 11-year-old girl.