Heartbroken Mother Sloth Is Overjoyed To Reunite With Her Missing Baby

As a result of recent wildfires in Bolivia, animals living in the affected bushland have been on the move. Among them was a mother sloth and her little baby — forced to flee to the relative safety of a nearby town.

Sadly though, along the way, the sloth mom became separated from the one who matters most to her.

But they wouldn’t be apart forever.


Earlier this month, veterinarian Marco Greminger received a call about a baby sloth who’d been found all alone near the town of Trinidad. It’s suspected that the baby sloth had fallen from his mother’s arms after the pair were spooked by local dogs.

It’s unclear how much time the mother and baby were parted for — but for them, every second was one second too long.

Fortunately, some 300 feet away from where the baby was found, Greminger was able to locate her likely mother hiding in a tree. Placing the baby nearby, however, left no doubt.

Here’s what happened next:

Upon reuniting with the baby, the heartbroken mother sloth’s relief and joy were palpable.

“A mother’s heart is the most beautiful place for a child,” Greminger later wrote. “In all the space of the Universe there is only one heart like this.”

The sloths were now safe. And Greminger is making sure they stay that way.

Following the adorable reunion, Greminger decided to bring the mother and baby to his clinic for an evaluation and to regain their strength. Both were found to be doing well.

Since then, the sloths have been released back into the wild at an ecological reserve, safe and sound — and most importantly, together.