He Soaks French Fries In The Kitchen Sink. The Result? I’m DROOLING!

McDonald’s sells billions of french fries each month all over the world. While I agree they’re tasty and delicious, I wanted to be able to copy the famed recipe in my very own kitchen. Which is why I love this video tutorial so very much!

If you like your french fries from Micky D’s as much as I do, then this video will satisfy your appetite and have you patting yourself on the back.

After much research and several hit-and-miss attempts, Steve’s Kitchen is here to bring you a recipe that produces a near-perfect replica of McDonald’s famous fries! Russet potatoes are recommended, and you can use the frying oil of your choice. This video uses canola oil.

These fries turn out with the same crispiness as those from McDonald’s, and I have to say, this recipe makes a pretty darn close match. Plus, they’re healthier!