He Puts Mac ‘N Cheese On A Bowl Of Flour. Seconds Later? I’m Drooling!

Let’s face it, grilled cheese is freakin’ amazing. And, before I saw the video below, I thought no way in hell could anyone ever make anything better than the classic sammy. Well, I was completely wrong, because the good people over at BuzzFeed have come up with the most insanely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches you have ever seen. No, seriously.

There’s the classic ironed grilled cheese, the mac ‘n cheese, the grilled cheese-grilled cheese, and the toasted grilled cheese. While all these recipes sound pretty basic, just wait until you see them in action. These look too good to be true!

My favorite has to be the mac ‘n cheese, just because it’s pretty creative — and makes delicious use out of all that leftover mac ‘n cheese the next day.

Holy. Cow. Prepare to have your mind blown with these insane grilled cheese recipes.

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