He Put Onions Into His Socks At Night For One Fascinating Reason…

Whether or not you like the pungent veggie, we all know that onions are viewed mostly as food.

Did you know you could also use an onion to clean your grill? That, however, is not the strangest thing you can do with onions…

We recently heard rumblings that onions can actually heal you by putting them in your socks and sleeping with them by your feet at night. Apparently it can help alleviate cold, flu, and fever-like symptoms.

In fact, a few people who have heard about sleeping with onions in their socks have given it a whirl.

“You have nothing to lose by giving the onion theory a try,” said Jennifer Thompson, a blogger that decided to peel back the theory and get to the heart of it.

She shared the idea with her readers and a few of them gave it a try and — well, you will be absolutely amazed!

We’ve heard that this could work, but what do you think? Is it something you’d try, or do you think it’s crazy?
This is what Jennifer tweeted to her readers after writing about the healing power of onions:
She then received an outpour of responses from her followers who also tried the sock onion trick.
One reader was in a very desperate situation and tried the trick…and it worked!
So how does this work? Reflexologists will point out that the bottom of your foot has approximately 7,000 nerve endings that link to different organs within your body.
Dr. Lauren Feder, a Los Angeles-based homeopathic doctor and author of the book Natural Pregnancy, believes that onions do indeed have healing powers.
“For colds, an onion pouch in [a] room can help with congestion,” she suggested. “In addition to treating colds, onion socks can be used for earaches, teething, and bladder infections.”
So if you’re sold, now what do you do? First thing you need to do is cut up and attach some onion to your feet in the proper places. You can use red or white onions.
Once you have every piece strapped into place, put on a pair (or two) of socks, elevate your feet with a pillow or two, and catch some Zs.
Once you wake up, you will have purified your blood and killed bacteria, germs, and pathogens because onions have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits!
For more detailed instructions, watch the video below!

Have you tried this or want to try it? Let us know in the comments.

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