He Needed More Room, So He Dug A Hole In His Backyard. The Result? GENIUS!

Hobbits in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels have the right idea. They eat six meals a day, they give away presents on their birthday rather than receiving them, and they live underground because they know it’s the place to be.

There’s so much cool stuff hiding beneath the earth, like buried treasure, mysterious bunkers, and every now and again, a really unique place to store your wine.

You can unearth a real gem underground — or build one of your own.

That is precisely what one family — with the help of design firm L’escaut — decided to do when they needed to extend their living space. They knew that building upwards, above their home, was for the birds, so they dug a hole in their backyard. What they created is pure genius. The space camouflages into its own environment and packs a big punch for a tiny space. What is it? Check it out below…

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The 323-square-foot space is one of a kind. The exterior’s vertical strips will eventually fade from brown to gray and match the main home.
It’s a home office, bunker, and workshop all in one package, with an overhead sky light that pours sun into the room.
The entryway also gives the underground space a ton of light.
There’s also a small wood-burning stove that keeps the place snug and cozy in the winter. As the office is located in Belgium, it’s nice to have such an amenity during the cold winter months.
This is an underground home extension that exemplifies innovation. And the cutest part? It’s called Atelier Pam & Jenny.
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