He Fills A Muffin Tin With Eggs And Cheese. The Reason? I’m SO Doing This!

There’s something so yummy about a well-made omelette. The way the fluffy eggs mix with the cheese, meat, and other ingredients that you stuff inside is just perfect in a way that you can’t get by eating those foods separately.

Making omelettes isn’t exactly rocket science, but it can be a time-intensive job if you’re planning to make breakfast for everyone in the family. That’s where one of our favorite YouTubers comes in! The One Pot Chef is back with a way to quickly and easily make mini omelettes that everyone from Mom and Dad to the kids will enjoy.

Follow along with the video below as the One Pot Chef takes an ordinary muffin tin and uses it to make eight mini-omelettes that you can simply drop into the oven and wait for them to cook. No need to stand over the stove, carefully watching your omelette cook. These are simple, bite-sized tastes of eggy goodness.

All you have to do is give your preferred ingredients a bit of a start in the frying pan. Toss in some ham, sausage, bacon, onion, or anything else you might like and get them started. Then fill the muffin tin with your ingredients. Set that aside while you mix up your eggs in a large container.

Add some shredded cheese (if you like) over the previously cooked ingredients and then simply pour in your egg mixture. You want to fill each cup just enough to cover your ingredients.

Toss the muffin tin in the oven, set it, and…you know the deal. Easy peasy — and in just a few minutes you have delicious, fluffy mini-omelettes for you and your guests to enjoy.

Be sure to follow the video to see the exact baking temperature and time, and head over to the YouTube video description to get measurements for all your ingredients. Now I’m off to go try this one out myself!

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