He Cuts Pizza With Scissors! Why? This Is GENIUS!

Making dinner for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day can be nerve-wracking. But thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, there are now millions of ideas out there for creating unique and one-of-a-kind dinners that will impress your loved one.

In the following video, a man shows us how to make a heart-shaped pizza. Can you say adorable?! This is a quick and simple dinner that will make a surprise meal-to-remember.

You start with a ready-made pizza. But instead of using a pizza cutter, he cuts the pizza using scissors. He demonstrates how to cut the pizza into a heart shape. It’s so easy anyone could do it. Then, you bake the pizza as instructed. He recommends serving the heart-shaped pizza with a side salad and a glass of red wine. This is such a cute idea, so eat your heart out.

See how it’s made in the video below, and please SHARE.