He Breaks His Phone With A Knife To Reveal The Truth About What’s Inside… YIKES!

When you think about it, cell phones are a relatively recent invention. The first handheld mobile phone was created by Motorola in 1974 and weighed a whopping 4.7 pounds. The first commercially available phones didn’t come along until 1983.

Because the invention is still so new, scientists still aren’t sure about the long term side effects of cellular phones.

People have claimed that the radio frequency and electromagnetic energies might be doing damage to our bodies, though the National Institute of Cancer states, “Although there have been some concerns that radio frequency energy from cell phones held closely to the head may affect the brain and other tissues, to date there is no evidence from studies of cells, animals, or humans that radio frequency energy can cause cancer.”

Still, it’s important to note the potency of the parts that make up the phones we all carry with us every day.

Recently, YouTube user Fabio Gomes uploaded a video of him stabbing his phone’s lithium battery with a knife. I won’t spoil what happens, but lithium and oxygen are two chemicals you do not want to mix unless you are a professional.

It really makes you think about just how powerful these devices are, and just how little most of us actually know about them…

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