Giant Snake Ate Something Huge!

This snake video tape was filmed in SE Asia, home of some of the largest snakes in the world.

The Narathiwat Province is on the Southern tip of Thailand bordering Malaysia and is known for it’s high population of snakes.

Translated the crowd can be heard saying…Wow a big snake! I have never seen this before. What kind of snake?

This snake is a reticulated python and is the longest snake species on the planet. The story behind this tape is that the snake had entered a families home sometime during the middle of the night.

When the family awoke, they were shocked to find this massive python inside their house. Its stomach was full and they were not sure what the snake attacked or ate.

The family went on to explain how the snake looked sick as whatever it ate was too heavy as the snake couldn’t move as they were afraid of getting bitten.

As translated in the video, the snake died by itself which is a little confusing as it appears to me that the snake has multiple injuries. Was this snake really found dead or was it killed by man?

They finally start to cut the snake open. Inside was the families only black pig in which made for an easy prey as it sat alone inside of it’s pig stye

This was an unusual case as reticulated pythons are normally very passive and are considered ambush predators but in some situations, these snakes get so big that when food supplies start to become scarce they become hunters proactively seeking out their next meal which in one case became the ultimate nightmare for a
father in the Philippines.