Fairytale-Like Pictures Of Horses Living In Extreme Iceland Conditions

There is a mystical quality about snow and ice, which is perhaps is what makes Iceland such a captivating location. New York City based photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett, managed to capture a sliver of this magic in his new photo series ‘In the Realm of Legends,’ documenting the wild horses that rove the island.

Doggett was constantly surrounded by artistic muses, lodged on a farm with hundreds of horses. However, he found inspiration not only from his environment but from a more unlikely source – folklore tales. It doesn’t take an art critic to see how the story of the mythological god, Odin’s, spirit animal, the eight-legged Icelandic horse Sleipnir, sparked this photographer’s imagination. In fact, there are some who believe these enchanting horses are the “real-world” descendants of the mythical creature.

For this series, Doggett strayed from his usual black and white medium and chose to shoot in color. “The light created brilliant hues that added a sublime texture to the entire series,” he told My Modern Met, “Coupled with the contrast between the landscape and the horses, I knew this body of work demanded color.”

Scroll down below to see Dogett’s enchanting photos of these wild horses!

Photographer Drew Doggett’s enchanting photo series, In the Realm of Legends, captures the beauty of Icelandic horses

Doggett’s series was inspired by a Norse tale about a mythical beast called Sleipnir

Described as having eight-legs, it was ridden by the god the mythical god Odin

Some people believe these majestic creatures are in fact descendants of Sleipnir

Image credits: Drew Doggett

Doggett usually shoots his photos in black and white

But said these photos ‘demanded color’

We think he nailed it

Image credits: Drew Doggett

And will perhaps inspire some people to take a trip to Iceland themselves

Image credits: Drew Doggett

Behind The Scenes: In The Realm of Legends



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