Crocodile Attacks African Elephant at Watering Hole

When a mother elephant decides to take a drink from a river, she is unaware that there is danger lurking right below the surface. A huge 10 ft crocodile decides to latch its jaws onto the unsuspecting elephant’s trunk. The young elephants watch helplessly as the crocodile attacks and the mother fights back.

This event calls to mind a short story by the author of “The Junglebook” Rudyard Kipling titled “The Elephant’s Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk”. In this story, a young elephant gets tricked by a crocodile into going too close to the water. The crocodile bites the elephant’s trunk and what was once a small trunk gets stretched to its modern day length. Read Kipling’s story here:…

Is this really how the elephant got its long trunk?

Next time you go out for a drink, check for crocodiles first!

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