Clever Mom Tips For Doing Laundry

If you have kids, then you know what it’s like to have A LOT of laundry! Fortunately, the bloggers from What’s Up Moms are here to provide some “Mom Tips” to help get this chore done faster and easier – leaving you more time to be with your family.

One of the worst parts about laundry is the dreaded socks. To avoid losing any, clip a mesh bag to the side of the hamper. When it’s time to wash, simply throw it in!… Do you find it difficult to carry the laundry basket because your hands are full? Glue toy cars to the bottom, so that even your kids can help roll it for you… It can be easy to forget that some of your items need to be air-dried. Next time, just simply use a dry-erase marker to write which ones need special attention on the washer. Then, erase when you’re done!

To help keep things tidy in the laundry room, hang a towel-rack for extra storage, and use clothes hooks to keep the ironing board out of the way… In order to cut down your dry-time, throw a fluffy towel into the dryer for the first 15 minutes. It will help take away a lot of the moisture… Don’t fret if you run out of dryer sheets. Just toss in an aluminum foil ball to help eliminate the static!… If the leftover creases from line-drying are driving you bonkers, cut a pool noodle to cover the bar… Wow, what AMAZING tips!



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