Céline Dion’s Brother, Daniel Dion, Dies At 59

In a Montreal hospital, singer Céline Dion’s brother, Daniel Dion has passed away surrounded by his closest friends and family.

Just a few days after Céline lost the love of her life, René, to cancer, she had to go through the same painful heartache when her brother passed from a nearly similar fate.

Daniel suffered from cancer of the throat, tongue and brain; and though he passed on into the next world, we can find some comfort in the fact that he had so many of his loved ones were by his side.

Céline and her family are going through one of the worst weeks of their lives, and while we should all respect their privacy, we should also keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

Céline and her beautiful family has had to go through some pretty horrible suffering these past few days, and it certainly won’t hurt to offer her our dearest sympathy, condolences and supportive thoughts.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to lose her amazing husband of 21 years, having to go through the loss again is soul shattering. The Dion’s come from a family of 14 siblings, so you know their family is feeling the pain of this loss right now, so please, please send all your happy thoughts and prayers towards them all in this trying time.

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