Asteroid as Powerful as 50 Megaton Nuke May Slam Into Earth in 2023 – NASA

A large asteroid that could someday be headed directly for Earth would pack a tremendous impact force 1,500 times that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs combined, the newspaper Express warned. The British daily cites NASA sources as claiming that the space rock, measuring nearly 700 feet across, could have a staggering 62 different potential impact trajectories with Earth with e

8 Miles Of Prehistoric Paintings Is Discovered In Remote Amazonia And It Showcases Animals That Are Long Gone By Now

When it feels like we know the world around us all too well, and there are few things that can surprise us, the wonders of history and nature prove us wrong. Just recently, the British-Colombian team of archaeologists led by José Iriarte announced the bombshell news. Tens of thousands of cave paintings created up to 12,500 years ago were discovered in Serranía La Lindosa, in the remote Amazon

It’s Official: Astronomers Have Discovered another Earth

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovered an Earth-like planet circling a nearby star within the Goldilocks zone of our galaxy. Kepler-186f is around 500 light-years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation. The habitable zone, also identified as the Goldilocks zone, is the area around a star within which planetary-mass objects with enough atmospheric pressure can sustain liquid water at their surf

It’s Official: NASA Confirms We’ve Found 5,000 Worlds Outside The Solar System

In January 1992, two cosmic objects forever changed our galaxy. For the first time, we had concrete evidence of extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, orbiting an alien star: two rocky worlds, whirling around a star 2,300 light-years away. Now, just over 30 years later, that number has exploded. This week, March 21 marked the hugely significant milestone of over 5,000 exoplanets confirmed. To be

Krubera Cave Is The World’s Deepest, And Getting To The Bottom Isn’t Even The Half Of It

Krubera Cave is so deep that it has (rightfully so) earned the nickname of being the 'Everest' of all cave systems. There are many areas on earth that still remained unexplained and unexplored, such as the deepest parts of the ocean, and intricate cave systems are no different. While there's an air of mystery and intrigue to a cave such as this one, which bottoms out at a depth of 7,208 feet, t

Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

What if Humans are the aliens we’ve been looking for all along? According to experts, humans were most likely crossbred with another species, perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri –which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth—in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans. Tell Al-Uhaymir modern-day Iraq, where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish used to be, archaeologists f

Someone Notices First Steps On The Moon Don’t Match Neil Armstrong’s Boots, Gets Destroyed With Facts

It was one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the Moon and created the first human footprint there. But a new Moon landing conspiracy theory has emerged, suggesting that he didn’t even wear the space boots required to take that step. To support the claim, these twisted minds are comparing a photo of Neil Armstrong’s Apo

NASA – Saw Something Come Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time Ever…

You don’t have to know a whole lot about science to know that black holes normally suck things in, not spew things out. But NASA detected something mighty bizarre at the supermassive black hole Markarian 335. Two of NASA’s space telescopes, including the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), amazingly observed a black hole’s corona “launched” away from the supermassive black ho

In 1850 farmer finds a secret door in the ground: what he saw on the other side causes the world to lose their breath

History can sometimes seem a little dry and boring, but sometimes amazing things are discovered that we can’t help being fascinated by. This is one such discovery. By a small creek in Scotland, embedded and hidden among the green hills, there is a well tucked away secretly. It may not seem particularly impressive at first, but one step inside and you will be amazed at what you see. Nearly

NASA’s $1 Billion Spacecraft Has Taken Mind-Bending New Photos Of Jupiter

NASA’s $1 billion Juno spacecraft completed its 11th high-speed trip around Jupiter and sent back amazing new pictures on April 6th. The amazing spacecraft gets relatively close to the biggest gas giant planet of our solar system and takes new photos with its JunoCam instrument roughly every 53 days, while traveling at speeds up to 130,000 mph. It can take days or sometimes weeks to receive t