‘Talking’ crow with thick English accent says ‘Y’alright, love’ to all the people passing by

When we think of birds that can talk, parrots are usually the first ones that come up. But crows can talk too! By using their syrinx, crows can also mimic sounds or words that they often hear. Even though crows are not as domesticated as parrots, they can still be good at copying human speech without any mutilating. That being said, let’s meet Mourdour. Far from what many peop

Hilarious Moment Sneaky Whale Pops Up Behind Sightseers As They Look The Wrong Way

A group of whale watchers almost lost their lives as the gigantic whale appeared surprisingly, without them knowing behind their boat. Located at Baja, California Peninsula of San Ignacio Lagoon and this whale-watching group was pictured waiting with their cameras ready for action. They almost missed their once-in-a-lifetime encounter, by looking in the wrong direction when the humpback whale popp

Unlikely Companions: The Heartwarming Tale of Foxes and Their Human Caregiver

The age-old question of whether foxes could be domesticated and become as beloved as our canine companions has intrigued many. In a heartwarming real-life tale, an Irishman named Patsy Gibbons found himself in a unique situation that may just provide a partial answer to this intriguing question. Meet Gibbons and his two adorable sidekicks, Grainne and Minnie – two foxes who embarked on

Mary River turtle: The green-haired oddball that can breathe through its butt for 72 hours

The Mary River turtle has adapted to life underwater after splitting from all other living turtle lineages more than 18 million years ago. The mary river turtle can spend days underwater with the help of a specialised organ inside its butt. (Image credit: Rob D the Pastry Chef via Shutterstock) Name: Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus) Where it lives: Mary /Moonaboola River

Jon Stewart Shares Emotional Tribute To His Beloved Dog Who Passed Away

Almost ten years ago, Jon Stewart retired from “The Daily Show” to focus on a new endeavor — opening a sanctuary for farm animals with his wife, Tracey, in New Jersey. Since then, the couple’s Hockhockson Farm Foundation has been haven for dozens of animals in need. And through it all, there’s been someone special by the Stewarts’ side: Their dog, Dipper.

Koala’s ‘Beautiful’ Gesture To Fallen Friend Causes Rescuers’ Hearts To Break

The other day, animal caretakers from KOALA RESCUE Inc. in Australia were called to a property where a concerned citizen had reported seeing a koala lying motionless at the base of a tree. Sadly, when they arrived, they found that the koala in question had already passed away — but in her final moments, she was not alone. Embracing her body was a second koala, presumed to be her companion.

After the mother swan dies, the father swan takes the youngsters under his wing

This is the touching moment a male swan was seen caring for his young after their mother passed away. Despite the fact that swan couples are known for selecting their mates for life, it is still rare for a guy to care for the babies while their mother is away. However, this concerned father’s instincts kicked in, and as a result, all of his small children are safe! Matthew Raifman Shor

Camera Captures Heartwarming Moment Wild Manatee Mom And Baby Hug And Kiss

When it comes to observing wildlife, the tour guides with Get Up And Go Kayaking (GUAGK) have seen just about everything Florida’s state parks have to offer. Floating in transparent kayaks, the guides and their guests get firsthand looks at animal behavior in places like Silver Springs State Park above water and below. They’re used to seeing animals of all kinds interacting with each othe

This Rescued Raccoon Fought For His Life Since The Beginning And Now He’s Thriving

Today, we would like to tell you the story of Elio, a courageous raccoon who, despite limited mobility, leads a happy life at a wildlife sanctuary. He was born in a house in Florida. The homeowner noticed a mother raccoon coming and going. As we learned: “Elio was born in someone’s attic. The homeowner had the mother trapped and relocated.” Four days later, the man living in the house heard

Dying Puma Escaped His Zoo Hell And Is Now A Spoiled House Cat

Animal activists are angry that these two took on the puma’s care and responsibilities, yet the animal most likely would not have survived if they hadn’t. He wasn’t well-cared for by the so-called zoo, but these two have committed themselves to getting him well and giving him plenty of affection. He certainly appears to be in much better health than when they originally adopted him. I wish y