Turns Out, Joe Biden’s Dog Major Will Be The First Shelter Dog To Live In The White House In History

On Saturday, after days and days of waiting for the election results, thousands of people went out to the streets, rooftops, and balconies armed with cheerful posters, signs, and American flags to celebrate the beginning of a brand new and much-awaited era. It was a truly beautiful celebration all over the country, honoring the day of Joe Biden being elected as the new President of the United Stat

This Shop Owner Installed A Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Won’t Stop Staring At Him

If you have a cat, consider yourself under constant surveillance. Cats are not only extremely cautious, but also super curious. Hence, it is natural for them to always be in places where they can observe everything all the time in peace. Like behind a glass ceiling, for example. Yep, we may not have the original ceiling cat any more, but it as a concept lives on in other iterations of ceilings

The Green-Headed Tanager Is A Gorgeous Bird

This bird is small and colorful and it is usually found in humid Atlantic forest and can be common in orchards, parks, and gardens, even near human settlements. And also, it frequents the forest borders and the clearings where it finds some trees and shrubs, and also the second growths. The Green-headed Tanager is visible from lowlands to 900 meters, but they are more often seen at a lower elev

Check These Delightful Candid Photos Of Wild Squirrels Being Very Curious

It is always challenging to make a unique set of animals but this photographer makes it look easy with effortless images of the creatures interacting with tiny props including balloons. Geert Weggen has a gift for getting the most out of his portrait subjects. He shots squirrel photos with a Nikon 810, and the results are so charming! So, when Weggen captures these delightful photos, it helps

The Finalists Of The 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Been Announced And They Might Crack You Up

After a long wait and a fierce but friendly competition, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have announced their finalists. And the photos are so good, they’re bound to make your day brighter. One of the founders of the Awards, Tom Sullam, told Bored Panda that the competition exists to recognize great photography and pictures of wild animals that make us snort into our cups of tea. The c

Armenian Photographer Captures Just How Unique Animal Eyes Are (30 Pics)

Few people get a chance to photograph animals such as hippos, hyenas, or crocodiles. Suren Manvelyan, however, has managed to get so close to them, he even captured insanely detailed close-ups of their eyes. Some of these macro shots look like landscapes of distant yet-to-be-discovered planets while others remind some sort of a portal to another dimension. But they all prove that the eyes reall

Bald eagle attacks government drone, sending it plummeting into Lake Michigan

A bald eagle launched an attack on a drone, sending the drone plummeting to the depths of Lake Michigan. (TMU) – A bald eagle launched an attack on a drone belonging to a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) pilot last month, sending the drone plummeting to the depths of Lake Michigan. The drone was helping to map erosion along the shoreline of the lake when

Meet The Stunning Kea, The Only Alpine Parrot In The World

The world is a fascinating place and the natural habitat of countless different animals. Birds bring a variety to the animal world. With their splendid, colorful plumages, they are a beautiful addition to the scene, while the pleasant sounds they make create a magical, relaxing atmosphere in nature. Unfortunately, many birds have been extinct due to disturbed ecological balance, poaching, and h

People Are Posting Hilarious Photos Of Their Irish Wolfhounds, And It’s Crazy How Large They Are

Irish Wolfhounds have a majestic heritage that is believed to date back to 391 AD. Named for their mix, Wolfhounds were used by the Gaels as hunting dogs, who called them Cú Faol (wolfhound). While they might sound like the stuff of legends - they are now known as sweet, affectionate, and sometimes silly dogs. According to the official World Canine Federation standards, the desired height of this

Animal Conservationists Wear Special Jackets to Take Care of an Orphaned Baby Zebra

The realities of the animal kingdom can be cruel, but there are miracles that emerge from it. At the end of February 2020, a herd of goats and their herdsman saved a baby zebra’s life, and the love and care from animal conservationists has given the foal an opportunity to someday return to the wild. The zebra is Diria—named after the ranch from where he was rescued—and he arrived at the

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