Dogs Trained To Protect Wildlife Save 45 Rhinos From Poachers

There are many reasons dogs are called man’s best friends. They’re loyal and smart, but endlessly childish and sometimes dorky and, most importantly, they always have your back even in the hardest of times. This K9 fast response unit operating in South Africa always has the backs of their humans when fighting poachers and protecting wildlife, and even do a much better job than their humans.

Scientists Confirm The World’s 1st-Ever Images Capturing A Leucistic Puma

As you’ve probably already noticed, we like to write articles about cats. And as we’ve already noticed, you like to read these articles just as much as we like to create them. But today, let’s mix things up a bit by putting a twist on this whole cat thing. Today, let’s talk about a wild cat that also happens to be an extremely rare one. Recently, four camera trap pictures from the year

Veterinary Surgeon Reveals Cat And Dog Breeds He’d Never Buy And Explains Why

If you’re an animal lover, I’m sure you have your personal preferences of what dog or cat breed is best. “I think Australian shepherds are the perfect dogs because they are so mild-mannered and smart!” “Well, I think dobermans are the best dogs because they are loyal and will always protect me!”Whether you want a cuddly companion, a partner for outdoor adventures or an animal to help

Lion Husband Stays By His Sick Wife’s Side Until The Very End

Leo and Muñeca have known each other for nearly their entire lives. The pair of lions and their children were rescued from a circus in Peru in 2014 by Animal Defenders International (ADI). They were briefly separated during their rescue, but other than that, they were rarely ever apart. ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL (ADI) “Leo and their sons, Chino, Coco and Rolex, were successfully

“Acting Just Like Us”: 50 Times Humans Were So Surprised By How Much Animals Can Do, They Just Had To Share These Pics Online

Many of us grew up watching films and TV shows featuring adorable and relatable animal characters who spoke our languages, drove cars, worked the same jobs our parents had, and had the exact same conversations we had with our friends and families. And while we knew deep down, even if we didn’t want to admit it, that our pets and the squirrels running through our backyards were probably not 

A Black Canada Lynx Has Been Caught On Camera for the First Time Ever

Black Canada lynx are so rare they have never been captured on camera. Until now. Image credit: Thomas S. Jung An extremely rare sighting of a melanistic Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) has been captured on camera – something that has never never been done before. Thomas Jung, a researcher at the University of Alberta, filmed the animal in a residential area in the Yukon,

The Finalists Of The 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Been Announced, And They Might Crack You Up

We’ve got a real treat in store for those of you Pandas who love animals, enjoy photography, and have a deep adoration for both quality humor and overwhelming cuteness—something to chase away all of those autumn blues and put a wide smile on your face. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists have just been announced, and the top 40 photos are as stunning as they are hilarious!

Baby Zebra Comforts Orphaned Rhino Calf And Helps Her Heal

In the wild, Daisy and Modjadji would never have met. But at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary, the baby rhino and young zebra have become unlikely friends and are helping each other heal. CARE FOR WILD RHINO SANCTUARY In early December, rangers found Daisy alone and struggling in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Daisy was just a few hours old and incredibly weak, so her rescue

How Come Capybaras Get Along So Well With Other Species?

These peaceful little guys (who are the largest rodents in the world) are called capybaras, and they get along extremely well with literally every other animal species. Including humans. How come? Well, it certainly doesn’t have to do with the fact that they eat their own waste. No, what it probably has to do with is their incredible inner peace. Just look at this.

A 10-Ton Whale Was Found in the Amazon Rainforest and Scientists Are Baffled

A 36-foot-long whale (yes, a whale) was recently discovered in Brazil’s remote jungle, miles from its natural habitat, when scavenging vultures alerted local officials with their screeching. Image credit: Bicho D’agua Institute/Facebook It’s no news that the Amazon rainforest teems with life, but one recent discovery left even seasoned wildlife experts and biologists baffled. In the underg