Winners Of Nature “inFocus” Photo Contest Capture Incredible Moments On Earth (37 Pics)

The Nature inFocus Photography Contest honors talented photographers who document unique natural history moments and critical conservation issues and generate an impressive catalog of imaginative and artistic images every year. Radha Rangarajan, who is the editor of the contest, told Bored Panda: “The Nature inFocus Photography Contest began back in 2015, and this is the 7th edition of o

Man dies after losing beloved four-legged friend of 14 years

Our four-legged friends can be comfort to us in so many ways. For the elderly they can offer companionship, exercise, a purpose and sometimes even keep us going. For 80-year-old Ken Pendagraft, his dog of 14 years offered him a reason to go out every day and take him for a walk, not to mention companionship and unconditional love. But when Ken was found distraught with a very sick dog, neigh

Meet The Stunning Kea, The Only Alpine Parrot In The World

The world is a fascinating place and the natural habitat of countless different animals. Birds bring a variety to the animal world. With their splendid, colorful plumages, they are a beautiful addition to the scene, while the pleasant sounds they make create a magical, relaxing atmosphere in nature. Unfortunately, many birds have been extinct due to disturbed ecological balance, poaching, and h

Pod of dolphins help alert rescue crew to swimmer lost at sea

Dolphins are widely considered one of the most intelligent species in the world. Due to their high emotional intelligence, problem solving skills and ability to communicate with one another, dolphins have been called the second-smartest animals behind humans. Shutterstock And recently, one pod of dolphins in the wild even helped save a life, alerting rescuers to a swimmer lost at sea. Vo

Meet the Malabar giant squirrel, the squirrel so colorful people can’t believe it’s real

No one thinks of the squirrel as a particularly exotic or interesting animal. Chances are if you look in your backyard right now, you’ll probably find one—they’re very common animals. But if you venture into the forests of India, you might just find a squirrel who will take your breath away. Meet the Malabar giant squirrel: Yes, far from the ordinary squirrels you’ll find cl

The 16 Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2021 Have Been Announced, And They Will Make Your Day

It’s that time of the year, folks—the time when all of our precious wildlife shows off its true colors, i.e. their comedic side, whether it’s a deliberate pose or just extremely lucky timing. Yep, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are here and the winners have been revealed. has collected all of the winning and highly commended photos to make a neat curated

Wildlife photographer captures ‘once-in-a-lifetime moment’ of bird bathing in a flower petal

We always love seeing unique and beautiful nature photos. The best wildlife photographers can snap a photo at just the right moment, capturing a perfect moment that helps bring us closer to nature. Like one photographer, who captured a “once-in-a-lifetime moment” of a bird bathing in a flower petal in a beautiful photograph. Rahul Singh is a photographer from Jalpaiguri, India, who l

The 2021 BigPicture Natural World Photography Contest Reveals The Best Shots Of Mother Nature (30 Pics)

Who doesn’t snap a shot of their cutest pets while they're sleeping or a colorful butterfly when they’re at the park? We like to have a physical memory of what we thought was beautiful or interesting. But there are people who take photos for a whole different purpose. People who submit their work to the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition go above and beyond to catch the ri

Man Gets An Ultimatum From His Vegan Girlfriend Who Demands He Give Away His Cat

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when people fall in love with someone really hard, they’re ready to sacrifice anything. Well, almost. We can stop biting nails, eat less junk, and swap that beloved gross hoodie we never part with for a nice shirt, but when it comes to pets, it’s a whole different story. A 22-old-man has been dating his girlfriend for 7 months and according to him, “she’s

Photographer Snaps Fairytale-Like Scene of Female Sunbird Taking Bath in Dew-Filled Flower Petal

For the past six years, Rahul Singh has photographed the wildlife around his home in Jalpaiguri, India. He’s snapped candid moments with elephants, rhinos, deer, jackals and monkeys, but his true passion is for the colorful birds who nest around his city. Last August, he captured a moment that left him stunned. INSTAGRAM/RAHULSINGHCLICKS “I visited a place where there were bus