Touching Moment: Elephant Recognizes The Vet Who Saved Him 12 Years Ago!

He Possesses A Truly Elephantine Memory! 😏 Never forget ❤️ That had to be a wonderful feeling for both of them ❤️👏🏼 A 31-year-old elephant named Plai Thang recognized the veterinarian who treated him 12 years ago. A dramatic encounter between them was recorded. In 2009, the elephant Plai Thang became seriously [i.l.l]. He was almos

Homeowner finds “couch potato” coyote making himself at home on patio furniture

Coyotes are closely genetically related to dogs. While these wild animals have some key differences from our normal house pets, they’ll often exhibit some very dog-like behaviors. Like our dogs, coyotes sometimes just want to make themselves at home and curl up for a nap. That’s what one homeowner realized recently when she found a coyote relaxing on her patio furniture, unwilling to budge

Chameleon Discovered in Madagascar May Be World’s Smallest Reptile

The male of the newly described species measured just half an inch long from his nose to the base of his tail Researchers discovered what may be the smallest reptile on the planet in the rainforests of northern Madagascar, reports Jason Bittel for National Geographic. The new miniscule lizard is a species of chameleon named Brookesia nana, and is so small its entire body can fit on a fingerti

BuIIiеd 7 Yеar-OId Finds Cat With Samе Rarе Eyе Cоnditiоn And CIеft Liρ, And It’s Liке Dеstiny Eхists

A boy who has been bullied at school has cast Expecto Patronum, finding his true spirit animal. You see, 7-year-old Madden from Oklahoma was born with a cleft lip and heterochromia iridum (different color eyes), and some thought it would be fun to tease the boy for his unique appearance. Luckily, he found a way to deal with the Dementors, those soul-sucking monsters! A boy who has been

Cat Cuddles And Becomes Best Friends With A Chipmunk

Animals stand out due to their ability to create the unlikeliest of friendships among species that are dissimilar in many aspects. We come across various incidents where animals decide to keep their various differences aside and create everlasting bonds with other species of animals. The beautiful moment we speak of today is of a cat and chipmunk who had a chance encounter in a yard and decided to

Wild Dolphin Brings Diver Another Fin after He Takes His Off

When Evan Pender slips below the water’s surface to go diving off the coast of Ireland, he’s entering a vast, otherworldly place few will ever get the chance to visit. But though Pender usually dives on own, he’s rarely alone for long. Almost every time Pender goes diving, he’s met by a friendly wild dolphin named Dusty, who emerges from the depths to greet him. INSTAGRAM/EVAN PENDE

‘Siberian Unicorn’ Walked Earth With Humans

An extinct giant rhinoceros, sometimes described as a “Siberian unicorn,” lived on the planet much longer than scientists previously thought, new research shows. A study published on 2018 in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution says that the shaggy creature once roamed among humans, surviving in Eastern Europe and western Asia until at lea

Beautiful Little Bee Hummingbird-The Smallest Bird In The World

Beautiful little bird  They’re bee hummingbirds, which lives along the West Coast of the U.S., including Alaska in the summer. The bee hummingbird is a bit smaller, has no rufous color and lives in Cuba. This delicate bird is one of nature’s smallest and a true evolutionary marvel. It’s even the size of a bee, measuring only 5-6 cm long and weighing less than 2g. Their beautiful ir

Police officers line up to salute K9 with terminal cancer on her final walkout

Police dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. They do critical police work, including tracking down missing people. They’re also beloved by their fellow officers, seen as both a pet and a colleague. When the time comes for these dogs to cross over the rainbow bridge, they deserve a respectful send-off that recognizes their life of hard work and heroism. That’s what one ter

Owl snatches stick horse and flies around looking like a witch in the sky

Halloween is a time of year when the unexpected can occur. Tales of transformations abound, like siblings morphing into bats. But one day, an owl hilariously seemed to take on the role of a witch. We all know the iconic silhouette of a witch on a broomstick – but an owl? A captivating image of a great horned owl, bearing a striking resemblance to a witch soaring in the air on her bro