These 36 Goats On Cliffs Don’t Know What Fear Is

Every single wild animal has a unique environmental niche that it occupies to survive, and wild Mountain goats have evolved to occupy some of the weirdest and most hard-to-reach ecological niches out there – steep cliff faces. These wild goats aren’t crazy – the cliffs they spend most of their lives on confer numerous benefits, including protection from land-bound predators, foraging, and

10 Awesome Pics From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 That Might Inspire You To Enter This Year’s Competition Which Is Open To Submissions Now Interview

The World-Famous Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are back, and today, April 1st (I assure you, this is not a joke, but truly a nice day to kick off a competition revolving around humor in nature), the contest opens up to the public with a call for comedic wildlife photos. After reporting a record-breaking year in 2021 entry-wise, it proved quite difficult for the jury to decide on the

I Photograph Great White Sharks In (Hopefully) A Non-Scary Way

I’m George Probst, and I have been photographing great white sharks at Mexico’s Isla de Guadalupe since 2006. As a child, I was initially both fascinated and terrified by sharks from a very early age. I had always wanted to see a great white in the wild, which was something I had always just considered a “bucket list” item. When I headed to Guadalupe in 2006 armed with only a tiny point-an

The Winners Of The 2021 World Nature Photography Awards Are Here, And The Pics Are Stunning (39 Pics)

The annual World Nature Photography Awards (WNPA) have just announced their 2021 winners, and the pictures are stunning. The top award and cash prize of $1,000 went to Amos Nachoum from the United States for his image of a leopard seal about to capture a defenseless Gentoo penguin. Nachoum waited patiently for hours on the remote island of Plano, off the Antarctic Peninsula, for the righ

Woman Leaves Back Door Open During Storm, Finds 3 Deer Huddled In Living Room

The odds of seeing a deer are pretty high if you live close to a forest. Just in my own neighborhood the other day, I saw one roaming around in a neighbor’s backyard. A lot of people find deer to be a nuisance, claiming that the animals ruin their backyards by stomping on their plants and eating their grass and flowers. Having said that, I think this story might melt even the coldest of he

This Bird Looks Like A Fluffy Little Dragon

If you are a fan of fantasy movies, then there must have been so many times when you wished that the mystical animals in them actually existed in real life. Now wouldn’t that have been awesome? Luckily for us, the great eared nightjars appear to be creatures that came right out of a fantasy movie and they are very much real. The great eared nightjar is a bird found in the tropical forests of

“It Sent Tingles Down My Spine For Hours”: Owl Lands On This Photographer’s Lens, Ends Up Blending In Perfectly

Photography is all about catching that perfect moment. And depending on what you’re catching, that moment might be a mere second that’s just too hard to snap because it happens so fast, or it can be an hour, but it’s an hour every fifty years or so. In any case, moments are precious because of this. So, let’s consider one such precious, once-in-a-lifetime moment: the time this one owl d

This Island off the Amalfi Coast in Italy Is Shaped Like a Dolphin

Photo: Stock Photos from Andrea Gallucci/Shutterstock No, your eyes aren't deceiving you and this isn't the work of Photoshop—this island has the distinct shape of a dolphin. In yet another example of nature being amazing, this island in Italy—located between Capri and Positano—is part of a cluster known as the Sirenusas or the Gallos. This specific, dolphin-sh

This 512-Year-Old GreenLand Shark Is The Oldest Living Vertebrate On The Planet

It’s hard to imagine anything still alive that was born in 1505. That was the year that Martin Luther became a monk and King Henry VIII called off his engagement with Catherine of Aragon… in short, a bloody long time ago. But that’s exactly what scientists believe they have found in the form of one massive Greenland shark swimming in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. The shark is e

Russian Photographer Takes Photos Of Polar Bears That Took Over Abandoned Buildings

Polar bears, as the largest extant bear species, as well as the largest land carnivores, are truly captivating creatures. However, most of us are used to seeing them surrounded by snow on the frozen waters of the Arctic. This is exactly why we were surprised to find out that Russian photographer Dmitry Kokh has managed to photograph these large animals at an abandoned weather station on Kolyuchin