Bioluminescence in Holbox: everything there is to know about it

Of all the enchanting wonders this place has to offer, the bioluminescent beaches are my favorite.

In the south beaches of Holbox occurs a magic phenomenon better knows like bioluminescence, a spectacular event where the waters of the beach are illuminated by thousands of microorganisms that hit with waves. This event is all year but is more visible in April and November when the water is warmer. It is necessary to tell that it is possible to see the bioluminescence just at night.

What is bioluminescence?
It´s the result of various compounds known as Luciferian, these molecules let to a few organisms produce light, for example, the fireflies and some species of jellyfishes.

In Holbox, the microorganisms produce Luciferian that reacts with the Oxigen releasing energy, that we perceive as light. The same happens if someone touches the water while walks through it, you will be able to see a light trail crating around.

One of the sites where you can contemplate thousand of colors are in Punta Cocos located in the last point of the Holbox Island.

How to get to Holbox?
The best way to come to the island is on tour. In this way, you can find transportation and extra activities that will be of interest to you. However, if you want to come by yourself, you must take the ship from Chiquila. Crossing to the island lasts a half hour. If you´re in Cancún you are able to get to Chiquila by bus or in your own car.