After I Saw His Genius Trick, I Baked The Best Potato Of My Life!

When it comes to cooking, taste is, of course, the #1 priority. But sometimes you just want to have fun in the kitchen and make food look as impressive as possible. So if you can create delicious food that looks more amazing than ever? Perfect!

The man behind the wonderful Food Wishes says, “I don’t do a lot of things in the kitchen purely for esthetic reasons, but these twice-baked potatoes are one of my more beautiful exceptions to that rule. You can get almost the exact same flavors by just adding stuff to a regular baked potato, but what you won’t get in that scenario is the impressive, over-stuffed height, and gorgeous, golden-browned crust seen here.”

Perfect for any special occasion — or just cooking a nice fancy meal for yourself — this tasty, starchy side dish puts a new spin on the classic twice-baked potato. While you can play around with the actual recipe and dress the potatoes to your liking, it’s the technique that’s so cool here. Instead of throwing away the top of the potato skin after baking it, here he uses it as a platform in the potato shell. When he goes to scoop the creamy potatoes back onto the double layers at the bottom, this makes the potato look double-stuffed and even more mouthwatering.

What a simple yet smart idea! Is this something you’d recreate at home? Let us know, and please SHARE this video tutorial on Facebook!