After 2.5-Week ‘War’ With 3 Cats, Woman Contacts Vitamix Asking For Empty Boxes To Replace The One Her Cats Took Over With New Blender Inside

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, or are a proud servant of feline overlords, you will know that cats are king (or queen).

But if you’re in neither of the above mentioned categories, there’s an amazing example of just how strong the feline influence can be when it comes to pet-owner relations.

A now open letter has been circling around online regarding two ladies who have acquired a blender, three cats who have commandeered said blender along with all of its brand-new contents, and the conflict that ensued.

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Ever wondered what would be the most immovable object on the planet? Why, a cat, of course!

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

So, at the beginning of the new year, on January 3rd, a woman by the name of Jessica Gerson-Neeves took to Facebook, specifically the Vitamix in Canada Facebook page where she posted an open letter to Vitamix regarding an odd request she has. In great detail, mind you.

And this one woman shared just how immovable a cat may be, even asking the blender brand to help them out

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

The story goes that she and her partner bought a Vitamix blender. However, it’s been two and a half weeks since they did so and they were unable to use it at all. Not even unpack it. The reason being that their 3 lovely cats Max, George, Destroyer of Worlds, and Lando Calrissian have taken it over.

As soon as they plopped the box down on the kitchen floor and left it for one second, the trio introduced themselves and effectively began playing “king of the hill” with it. “And that was the beginning of the end,” said Jessica in her Facebook post.

And no, it’s not to have the cats blended, you silly goose, it’s to get their sturdy boxes that they use as packaging

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

For weeks, the box has been occupied by at least one cat at all times. And of course they can’t shoo the cats—that is just preposterous! Pictures and updates of the struggle kept on finding their way onto the Facebook group THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y, where it gained quite a following. And the whole deal even got its own name: The Great Vitamix Incident of 2021 and/or Appliancegate.

Anywho, the couple decided to get in touch with Vitamix. But requesting a whole new unit, let alone three, would have been a ridiculous idea, and they’ve admitted that. Nae, they went for a much simpler solution by asking for empty blender boxes, the same ones as they have the exact appeal and sturdiness.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

They were very apologetic, even ashamed, calling their request odd, but desperate. But, all of it didn’t matter as Vitamix heard their plea and responded, not only reassuring that they did the right thing, but also promising to get them some boxes because they ought to be able to enjoy their blender, after all.

Jessica’s long open letter was also accompanied by some of the best commandeered box updates ever

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

This wholesome exchange became an instant success online, garnering over 11,000 likes with nearly 4,000 shares on just this post alone. There were also heaps of likes on each of the different posts Jessica got in the Facebook group with the different stand-offs she had with her cats.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

People loved it all, not only because it was hilarious and adorable, but also because of a happy ending with Vitamix promising to help with the whole cat box issue in the couple’s household.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Believe it or not, Vitamix responded, and promised to get them those boxes, so that they could finally enjoy their blender after weeks

Image credits: Vitamix

You can check out the full post here, but don’t run off just yet and tell us how you would have tried to resolve this situation, or share your immovable cat situations in the comment section below!



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